Musician Heather Andrews

It doesn’t take long to notice Heather. She walks gracefully into the cafe in a summery dress that livens up the surroundings, pushes back her bright blue sunglasses onto her neatly tied hair and flashes a big smile to me.

We sit back and order our common favourite tea- Jasmine pearls.

1) Tell us about your music journey…

I started as a sound engineer but gradually got drawn more towards singing and songwriting. It took me a while to register that I had become a musician. It took even longer to take the step of committing to making music my profession. I was fortunate to meet Grammy winning producer Narada Michael Walden. He liked my music and I went over to record in his studio in San Francisco. It was the start of my first album! I was also singing in a band called OCD. I moved to India in 2014. I am currently collaborating with artists here and performing solo as well. Deeply thankful for the support I have received and looking forward to my journey here!

Heather with her Ahir Ruas Guitar Strap

2) What are the challenges you face as a musician?

It’s a risky thing to do and some days I’m still not sure why I’m doing it or how I’m managing to continue. But I think the uncertainty of being a musician may be one of the things that I find most satisfying about it.

3) What do you think are the similarities between you and an artisan?

There is a large amount of work and time that goes into developing as a musician. It’s just like an artisan creating a craft that must be honed through effort, experience and mistakes. Gradually you become more efficient in your skills which gives you more freedom in your creativity.

Photo credits: Anish Sarai

4) What are the lessons you have learnt, working as an artist in India?

I’ve learnt my skills are more valuable than I thought. I’ve learnt how to collaborate. I’ve learnt audiences often don’t know the difference between adequate, good and excellent. I’ve learnt how to pack a guitar, keyboard and keyboard stand into a rickshaw!!

Thank you Heather!!


Follow Heather on Facebook and Instagram to catch her awesome performances. You can also download her music from the link right here


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